Kelly has been a Wicked Cool Stepmom for 10 years. She started Wicked Cool Stepmom as a place for stepparents to learn and share in a positive setting.

Her articles can be found here and throughout the web on Huffington Post, Scary Mommy and other parenting and travel blogs.

In addition to writing, Kelly is publisher and founder at www.thinklanguage.com. If you are interested in learning with the Think Language award-winning method, please visit: Think Spanish, Think French, or Think Italian.

One thought on “About

  1. I love the desire to bring being a stepmom/stepparent as a publicly positive thing!

    I’m a step mom to a 6 1/2 yr old boy and my husband has been put thru the ringer in courts and in our everyday lives. He is put down by the bio mom, not included, or made to feel so little even though he is very involved in his son’s life. I, on the other hand, am not even a blip on the radar as far as the bio mom is concerned. The two of them were not together or ever married when she got pregnant and she is married now as has been with her man for as long as my husband and I have been.

    I see there is a huge need for encouragement, advice, and a platform to be able to discuss the ins and outs of not only being a step parent, but all that goes along with that. Not to mention, being married! That’s difficult enough!

    I had started a blog last year in order to join those being a voice for those in the “step club” and then our world was dramatically turned upside. So, my blog isn’t as frequent as I would like, but I have a few articles on there that share my journey, the hardships, the joys and the reality of being a stepmom and wife, if you care to take a look. One continues that theme of being a “mom/stepmom” and the confusion when it comes to Mother’s Day. My site is: inaboysworld.weebly.com

    Thank you for your articles! They give me hope and keep me positive for the future!


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